Tungsten Rings – 7 Questions Answered

Read below to learn more about tungsten rings and why you should buy one.

1.      What Are Tungsten Rings Made Of?

Tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide that consists of equal parts of tungsten and carbon.  The two metallic compounds are combined to form tungsten carbide, which is used to produce rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, machinery, tools, instruments, electrical equipment etc.

2.      Why Should You Choose A Tungsten Ring Over Traditional Rings?

Tungsten rings are highly popular at present as an alternative to traditional gold or white gold wedding bands due to its many desirable qualities. 

Tungsten has high resistance to abrasions and the highest melting point of any metal on earth.  It is also ten times stronger than gold.  It doesn’t fade but has its lustre and shine for a long time.  As such, your wedding band will last for a lifetime without any scratches or tarnish!  It cannot be destroyed by fire.  And it is inexpensive in comparison to gold.

3.      How Can You Clean A Tungsten Ring?

A tungsten ring can be easily cleaned using warm water and mild dish soap.  Fill up a cup with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap.  Let your ring soak in this solution for 10 – 15 minutes.  Afterwards, take it out and dry it with a paper towel. 

Stubborn dirt or grime on the ring can be cleaned with an old toothbrush after soaking it.  If your ring has grooves, cut-outs or precious stones, scrub away the collected dust with a cotton pad moistened in the soapy water solution.  Avoid supersonic cleaner, steam cleaner or harsh chemicals that may cause spots on the surface.

4.      What Are Other Maintenance Tips For Tungsten Rings?

Authentic rings such as Etrnl tungsten rings require very little maintenance.  Alcohol hand sanitizers, lotions and dirt leave build-up and make your ring appear darker.  In such incidents, just wash off the built-up dirt.  Remember to clean the rings on a regular basis to prevent built-up dirt.

5.      Can My Tungsten Ring Get Damaged?

Though very durable, tungsten rings can crack under harsh impact.  On rare occasions, dropping the ring onto hard surfaces may cause a slight crack to the surface of the ring.

Dont stock your tungsten ring with diamond jewellery.  Diamond is the one and only material that can scratch your ring.

6.      What To Watch Out For When Buying A Tungsten Ring?

  • Watch out for cheap rings. 
  • They are made in huge production lots
  • They use low quality tungsten metal and are not tested for quality
  • They have no workmanship.
  • They use cheap filters including Cobalt that irritate the skin, oxidize very quickly and turn into a dark colour.
  • They come with no warranties, returns or exchanges.

7.      How Can I Remove A Very Tight Tungsten Ring Off My Finger?

First, dip your hand in ice-cold water for at least one minute.  Afterwards, the ring can easily be slid off your finger by applying a little butter, liquid soap petroleum jelly or hand cream.  If your finger is injured and swollen, a professional can help you with the aid of a ring cutting tool.  The rings can be cracked into pieces too using tools.

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