Tips For Planning A Wedding Without Overspending

Most couples are terrified at the thought of a wedding. However, it’s not the commitment of a lifetime that they fear, but the expense that single day holds. If you’re not prepared to empty out your life savings for your wedding, the below tips will be of immense use to you.

You Really Don’t Have To Invite The Whole Town To Your Wedding

One of the prime reasons as to why weddings turn out to be so expensive for couples is their need to invite everyone they can possibly think of for the occasion. As a result, you end up paying a tremendous about for all things related to the wedding. The truth of the matter is that if you happen to let people know ahead that you’re hoping to keep things intimate and simple, the chances of them getting offended over not being invited is very low.

Move With Technology To Save Money And Trees

One of the first things related to the wedding that your guests will see is your wedding invitation. For this reason, we try our best to make our invitation look elegant and theme related. Not only can this be costly, but it will also take time to create. To avoid that, and to save trees from paper wastage, consider sending out E-invitations instead. Sure, your traditional grandparents may not be a fan of the idea; but it will be a huge hit with others.

Colors Have Prices When It Comes To Décor And Dresses

All fads have an expiry date when it comes to the world of wedding fashion. Chances are that the designs that are “in” this season are going to be more expensive than other designs, so steering clear of them can save you considerably. Unfortunately, the color white in its purest form happens to be “in” for as long as we know, and wedding gowns in this color tend extravagantly expensive. To avoid this, consider walking down the aisle in a color other than white. It’s also a good idea to have a look at maid-of-honor dresses while you’re looking around for wedding dresses Sydney. Especially if it’s going to be an intimate ceremony.

Your Priorities When Choosing A Venue Save Money

The venue of the ceremony and reception something we pay a handsome amount for. However, if you prioritize things like the number of people you want to seat as well as a location that means something to you, chances are that you’ll feel you don’t need to get married in the most prestigious/most famous wedding hall in your localityy. And that you could even get married in your parents’ garden.

Tap For A Favor From Talented And Creative Friends And Relatives

We all have talented friends and relatives who would love to help you out a little if you need their help to put your wedding together. Bring them into the loop for things like organizing the wedding (which eliminates the need for an organizer), music, photography and even making cute wedding favors or door gifts for your guests. If you don’t want them to spend their own money, or provide their “service” for free, pay them for it; but you’ll still be paying less than you would with a professional.

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