Some Undefined Duties of a Wedding Planner

One of the most interesting and sometimes slightly exhausting jobs are being a wedding planner. Being a wedding planner, you don’t only deal with the organizing of the wedding but also managing everyone’s emotions and making sure that everyone plays the parts they are responsible for in the wedding. Although many assume that they role of a wedding planner is quite straightforward, this is in fact far from the truth; there are many hidden or undefined roles of the wedding planner that is rather expected, or thought would be handled. Planning a wedding it is quite a big process; there are so many things to look into, so many people to deal with and organize many different aspects of the wedding.

One thing a wedding planner must be is extremely patient; without patience it becomes extremely difficult to deal with the numerous people involved in the wedding. This includes the family of the wedding, the wedding party itself and all the other people such as the flower place, the décor place and so on. Being able to effectively communicate with everyone is also another very important aspect of a wedding planner. Since there are so many people involved in the whole process, if you aren’t capable of communicating with each and every person in a calm and understanding manner, then things will get messy. Let’s look at some things that a wedding planner is expected to do without being asked to:

Take Care of the Family of both the Groom and the Bride

It isn’t a mandatory rule of a wedding planner to take care of the family of both the bride and the groom, however, in an unwritten way it is kind of expected. This means that you could look into their choice of wardrobe and arrange something that goes with the theme of the wedding, for instance, you could have the mothers choose their outfits from mother of the bride outfits and have them match. One of the ways that you could make this process easer is by pre selecting a few outfits and then have the mothers choose from your selections. This ensures that there won’t be any deviations from the selected theme. Usually, it’s the mothers that need a bit of extra attention. The fathers get themselves sorted alongside the groom. So, that’s an added task that is off your shoulders.

Making Sure No Scene or Interruption Occurs To the Whole Event

Technically there is no requirement for the wedding planner to be present at the wedding and or prevent any dramatic scenes from occurring such as drunk uncles making a fool of themselves or the bride losing her veil. The duty of the wedding planner is to ensure that everything is as requested such as flowers, venue, food etc. other personal duties aren’t needed. However, wedding planners do play the undefined rule of making sure that the whole wedding is not ruined by any kind of unexpected event. If they seem to notice the possibility of such an event, they would immediately take precaution to prevent it.

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