How To Make Your Outdoor Wedding A Remarkable Experience

Almost all girls start to dream about their destination wedding once they hit their teenage years. They have it perfectly planned over the top of their heads; at least they think they do. But planning a wedding is not so easy in real life. It requires resolute patience, and each detail needs to be perfected to avoid any mishaps on your special day. It’s essential that you plan each and every outward aspect of your wedding as perfect as possible. Nowadays, more and more brides opt for organizing outdoor weddings instead of the traditional indoor receptions. This allows the décors to blend with the landscape and create an ethereal experience for the onlookers and especially for the bride and the bridegroom as they unite as one in marriage. Here are things that you should look into if you’re planning on having your outdoor wedding in Sydney.

Choosing A Location

Probably, when you were a dreamy teenager, you would have envisioned hosting your wedding in a tropical jungle in the Southern Hemisphere or on a rural beach with waves murmuring at your feet. But while growing up, you must have realized that the destination has to be a lot more practical than that since you have to erect marquees, canopies and what not to ensure that your guests have a memorable time. Consider the time of the year when you’re scouting for destinations. Gardens are perfect during summer as they would be in full bloom with lush surroundings; thus, creating the ideal scenery for photographs. Moreover, make sure that the location is easily accessible to everyone, including the elderly and the disabled. Don’t go for mountainous areas however alluring that might be.

Planning The Layout

You should start planning at least one and a half years before your special day. This provides you with enough opportunities to look into your venue during the same time of the year that you plan to have your wedding and form a contingency plan. Check whether the humidity causes the location to get infested with mosquitoes and various kinds of bugs. If so, make sure to spray the place with a bug-repellent beforehand so that your marquee Sydney wedding wouldn’t be a disaster. People flapping their hands to get rid of those bugs wouldn’t be a pretty sight, would it? Also, you have to make sure that the food areas remain well covered so that they do not get affected by sudden weather changes and flies.

And if you’re planning a night reception make sure you go through lighting options, may it be tiki torches, fairy lights, lamps or the conventional light bulbs- you surely don’t want a reception in the dark! Once you figure out your lighting method, find out how you’re going to supply power to the event. Make sure you have plenty of extension cords and a generator as well to accommodate all needs.

Outdoor marquee weddings take more effort than a traditional indoor wedding, but each thin slice of effort would be worth once you notice how glorious the whole event turns out to be!

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