How to Have the Perfect Wedding You Have Always Dreamt Of?

What makes the perfect wedding? Have you ever contemplated this question? Chances are that if you are engaged or even in a committed relationship, you might have most definitely thought of it. Of course, most people, young and old, have come to believe a sad thought that it is a special venue or an expensive dress that makes their wedding perfect. In contrary, here are a few things that will actually make your wedding perfect…

Take the Step Only When You Are Ready For It

Here, we mean the step that takes your relationship to the next level of marriage. In your haste to have the perfect wedding, make sure you are not forgetting that there is a life after the big day. Take this important step only when you are completely sure of the decision and the timing. Don’t let anything pressure you to it. Remember that it is you and your future spouse who will have to live the rest of your lives together, so be wise about making this decision.

Time It So That All Your Loved Ones Will Be There On Your Special Day

All weddings are memorable to those involved in it, and there is no doubt in it. The excitement nervousness alone will make the day unforgettable to you if you are the bride, the groom, or a family member of the two. But the part that makes it extra special and memorable is having those who you love surround you on your special day. Of course, you can’t predict sicknesses and urgent matters. It is inevitable that someone you love will miss your special day. The best you can do is to find a date that is accommodating for all. The summer vacations, for example, are a great time to have your wedding.

Don’t Go Beyond Your Capability

Set a clear budget for your wedding, and make sure you stick to it. The highest money spenders of your wedding will be your wedding dress, your venue, the catering for the reception as well as the wedding planner¾if you’re using one. The important thing to remember is that all of this can happen, and happen beautifully, without spending extravagantly on it. For example if you live in Melbourne, there are many Melbourne venues that are both memorable and affordable. This means you need not choose an expensive hotel to host your reception at.

Think Of Your Happiness the Most

It is true that weddings involve more than two people; it is an occasion that joins two families. In moments like this, it can be easy to get swept up on the wishes and wants of those around you. However, it is important that your happiness and the happiness of your fiancé are included in these wishes and wants. For example, if you really want to skip the traditional white dress, and have a pink wedding instead, go for it. It may not be “in” at the moment, but it will hardly matter 5 years from now.

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