How To Have A Successful Outdoor Wedding Ceremony?

Do you have a love for the great outdoors? Is it, perhaps, how you met the love of your life; your soon-to-be spouse? If it is, an outdoor wedding is a brilliant idea. Here’s how you can pull it off without making the whole event a disaster.

Select The Appropriate Location For The Appropriate Weather

When selecting an outdoor location for an occasion as such, one of the key things to keep in mind is the month your big day falls on. Some months are just too warm or brisk for certain locations, so you need to be very sure before you finalize on the venue. Most Melbourne garden wedding venues are prepared for a sudden change in the weather; so you need not be worried about sudden summer showers ruining your special day. Of course, you can make sure you and your soon-to-be spouse will be completely dry and away from any change of weather by making sure you decorate accordingly.

Make Sure You Are Dressed Right

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that happen at most outdoor weddings (and functions in general) is that the bride and groom are not prepared for the heat and the long-standing. Remember that there is a possibility for certain aspects of your wedding to get delayed or for slight hiccups in the overall plan; so be prepared for it. Make sure to select a dress and suit that is lightweight, and also does not show if you sweat. It’s also a good idea if you select clothing that doesn’t have a lot of layering involved. Apart from this, don’t forget to select appropriate and suitable footwear. Walking to the alter can be an adventure indeed if your heels keep sinking on to the soft ground…!

Make Sure Your Guests Are Dressed Right

Apart from you dressing appropriately, it’s also important that you let your guests know to come prepared for the event appropriately. Some garden functions have very casual seating arrangements, which sometimes mean simply finding a good spot on the grass. If this is true with your venue as well, make sure to let your guests know in advance. This warning can also help them wear clothes more appropriate for the outdoor weather. If you are planning on following the current wedding trend of having your guests participate in a few activities, then it’s important you make sure your guests are dressed for it.

Tell Your Hairdresser And Makeup Artist About How To Prep You

Whether you are planning on doing your hair and makeup yourself, or you plan on getting professionals handle your look for the big day, it’s important that you keep the heat or windiness in mind when selecting the right look. The last thing you want is to look windswept (in a not-so-attractive way) or have your makeup run halfway through the ceremony. Setting your foundation, making sure your makeup is water and sweat resistant and keeping a packet of oil blotting paper on you is all good ideas to save your look from the weather.

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