How to Have a Fairy-tale Wedding

If you are dreaming of having a fairy-tale wedding that does justice to the beauty of the ardent love that you have for your beloved, the tips that are detailed in the article below will indeed be interesting to you. A wedding is an event that cannot be taken lightly indeed, so do ensure that you plan well to have a perfectly enchanting ceremony!

The Bridal Dress

When you walk down the aisle to takethe hand of your beloved and promise to stay together through thick and thin,you really need to look your best! So make sure design your full bridal outfitexceptionally well. Keep in mind that is it your day so don’t let any bridaldesigners or makeup artists do what they want with you on the day! Be very firmwhen you specify your requests and no matter how long it takes, try to findprofessionals who will understand your unique requests and will gladly oblige.

When you choose the wedding dress,make sure you pick one that is perfect for you. Do get the help of friends andfamily when picking out this dress if you like too. Karen Willis Holmes dresses are particularly lovely. Dovisit several bridal dress boutiques and try on as many dresses as you can sothat you will know the perfect dress when you see it!

The Colour Pallet

If you like, you can go for peach and pink colour themes, which are immensely popular. These shades add an enchanting look to your bridal party. You can get your retinue dressed in these shades so that your wedding photos will look truly magical. Do also try to incorporate this colour theme to your decorations as well so that the whole wedding will look perfectly planned. The flowers, table decorations as well as the wedding cake should embrace the same colour theme.


Yes the music can really alter themoods of everyone present on your wedding day. You can opt to play soft tunesthat are perfectly romantic so that it will enhance the ambience in incredibleways. Do try to find a live band if you like because that will add a touch ofsophistication to your day. You really don’t have to hire reputed bands thatwill charge you more that you can afford. Instead, look for a simple, acousticband and you will be able to really set the mood. You will not have to spend alot of money to hire a small band too. After all, the budget should also bequite important!


The type of lighting that you choosefor the event can enhance the appeal of the ceremony greatly. Choose to makethings a little more romantic by adding fairy lights and lanterns so that thedim glow will illuminate the space enchantingly. Get the help of a professionaldecorator when planning these minute details of the event and you will be ableto work wonders!

Hope you have a divinely enchantingwedding ceremony and create perfect memories that will last forever!

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