How to Be an Effective Event Planner

Being an event planner is a huge responsibility as the success of your client’s event lies in your hands. Therefore it is vital that you focused on the task at hand and it is also important that you treat every client equally and not view one event as more important than the other.

Listen To Your Client

From the initial meeting, it is important that you listen to your client and give them want they want. It is important that you get all the necessary information from your client. Therefore if there is anything that is not clear to you or if you haven’t gotten all the information that you need then you should make sure that you ask your client. If you do not clarify your doubts you may end up doing something that you think your client wants which could even be the complete opposite of what he or she wanted. Therefore instead of taking any risks it is best that you clear any doubts that you have. It is also important that you do not tell your client what they want but instead you should listen to what he or she wants. Telling the client what they want may make the client feel as though you are taking over which may make them hesitant to work with you.

Source of Reference

It may help to know how your clients found you therefore it is important that you ask your client how they came to know about your business. Some clients may say they searched online by typing in the words boat hire for executive meeting and found you through the list of options that appeared. Some clients may have found you through a friend or some clients may have seen an advertisement in the papers. In whichever way a client found you it will be beneficial for you to know.

Stick within the Budget

If your client gives you a budget that they want to stick within then it is important that you do not pitch ideas to them that would exceed the budget as this could tempt the client. If the client gives you a certain budget to work with them as the event planner it is your job to work with what you have.

Run the Idea by the Client

Before you follow through with an idea it is important that you first run the idea by the client. Therefore if anything needs to be changed it can be done before the idea is finalised. It is also important that you build a good relationship with your client and you should make sure that you are easy to approach. For instance if you have a meeting with your client you should not disappear after the meeting for days as you may come off as unreliable to the client. If your client sends you a message or has any questions that need answering you should make sure that you get back to the client at least within 24 hours.

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