Great Buck’s Night Ideas for the Classy Groom

Being tasked to plan out your best buddy’s buck’s night is a challenging task. Aside from finding interesting ways to spend the last days of your friend as a bachelor, you must also take into consideration the groom’s preferences. You can choose from a variety of styles – from the classic pub crawl to fun-filled paintballing. Here are some ideas to help you out in planning the most memorable buck’s party for your best bud.

Pub Crawl

Known as one of the classic ways to celebrate a buck’s party, it shouldn’t be the same as the usual Friday night with the blokes. Australia is the best place to be because of its numerous breweries and pubs. Make it special by having a tour across different breweries and tasting different wines and beers as you go.

Classy Night Out

Spoil your best bud with the finer things in life by booking out a fancy room in a restaurant or a bar and enjoy the finest wines, cigars and other luxurious stuffs. If the groom likes fine dining, you can also incorporate it for a classier night out. In case your bud is up for something more adventurous, you may skip the regular boring waitresses to serve food and drinks up the event by hiring Perth topless waitress as servers in the venue to serve and mingle with the guys.

Strategic Games

For the groom who just loves to have fun, playing strategic games with the gang is one of the best ways to celebrate his last days as a bachelor. There are plenty of fun games the whole group can enjoy. Paintballing is one of the classics to simply bust out wedding stress. You may also try other games such as archery, shooting or thinking your way out of an escape room. Aside from being fun, it also helps build up teamwork and strengthen the bond between everyone in the group.

Fast and Furious

For car enthusiasts and those who simply love the adrenaline rush, one of the best things they’d surely love is racing. It could be F1 racing, V8 experience, drag racing and many more. Not everyone gets the chance to experience driving those things which makes it a memorable buck’s party not just for the groom but for the whole gang.

Music Festival

For your music lover friend, one of the best ways to celebrate is to take the guys into a music festival. Make sure to plan ahead when you’re doing this kind of celebration. Simply go out on a road trip, chill out and enjoy the music, food, booze and feel the festival vibes around.

Poker Night

For a fun and simple buck’s party, a poker night is a perfect way to celebrate it. You can do it at home or even book out a private poker room complete with everything you need – from table and cards to a personal waiter and dealer.

No matter what the groom’s preference is, you can surely plan out the best buck’s party that will be remembered even years after the event.

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