Best Themes for an Adult’s Birthday Party

Planning to celebrate your born day but is still thinking of what should be the theme? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas you can choose from. If you feel like you are now too old for kids’ themes such as superheroes and Disney princesses, here are some new themes you can try.

Picnic Party

If you want to have a quiet party with only the members of your family, this is the one you can choose. With all the stress at work or college, this will be the perfect way to relax, enjoy the company of your loved ones and have simple talks. A picnic party will also give you an opportunity to catch up with people you couldn’t meet in a while as you will not be distracted by music, dancing or drinks.

Movie Theme

Choose one of your most favorite movies and ask the guests to come to the party dressed as the characters. However, this does not always have to be one particular movie. You can choose more open themes such as Hollywood theme or Bollywood theme. The guests can wear like their favorite actor or actress. Use well known soundtracks from famous movies in the background to create a movie like vibe.


We all like to visit new cities and celebrate the birthdays there. But if you want to reduce the cost of visiting a whole new city in a different country, how about bringing the city to you? Pick a city you have always wanted to visit and decorate your party venue to look like it. Include an Eiffel tower replica for Paris, a big ben for London, the Opera House for Sydney and the Empire State building for NYC.  The decoration, lights and the colorful dresses will make this a night you will never forget.

Black and White

This is one of the easiest parties to plan. All you have to do is make sure the cake, the decorations and the dress code stick to black and white. If you want to make your party a bit formal and sophisticated, this is one of the themes you can try. The black and white dresses and tuxes will make you all look very classy and elegant. Have champagne ready to serve to the guests. If you want to make an impression with your party, this is the best to go for.


Another way to celebrate the party outside is to opt for a birthday party boat hire sydney. With this theme, you can choose both day or night for the celebrations. Even with a limited budget, a boat party is something you can successfully pull off. There will be no need to decorate or prepare fancy meals and this will be the easier and more cheap than all the above idea. The setting in a lake or sea will set the perfect mood to celebrate as well as relax with your mates.

Keep these ideas in mind when you plan the next party. This will be useful to you whenever you feel like that themes are just for kids, but still want to have an exceptional party.

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