7 Things That Will Make Your Proposal More Memorable

Everyone wants their proposal to be memorable and a cherished moment. Here’s how you create the magic for your future fiancé.

1. The Right Moment

This is probably the most vital of all the tips we have for you. Always make sure that you are both ready for this next step in your lives. Don’t get carried away by the moment, and pop the question before you evaluate if this is what you truly want to do. Don’t pop the question before you are sure your partner is ready for this question either. This is what will guarantee you that definite “YES!”. It’s also worth remembering to time this well. If you’ve been feeling a strain in your relationship for a while now, or if you’ve both started the day in a fight, then this might not be the right day to execute this plan.

2. The Permission Of Parents

Getting to know each others’ parents is a vital part of any relationship. This is what makes your relationship more permanent. Additionally, your partner will most likely say yes if they know for sure their parents approve of you already. Asking their parents’ permission before you pop the question will particularly mean something to them if they are close to their family.

3. The Setting Of The Century

Location matters a great deal! Select a location for your proposal with care, as this will set the mood. Consider if you want to have it in privacy, or shout it out to the world. Consider which setting your future fiancé will be most comfortable with. You should also consider if you want to do this while surrounded by friends and family, or if you want to do it when it’s just the two of you.

4. The Ring, The Ring, The Ring

You already know how special this one is, so make sure to get it right. If you’re going to propose with the ring, then you’ll have to do the selecting yourself. This can be tricky and stressful to most. Alternatively, you could also propose without a ring, or with a “promise ring”, a simpler design which they can wear more casually. Trust us, selecting the ring together can be just as fun and poignant.

5. The Wining And Dining

One of the easiest ways to make sure your future fiancé is in a pleasant mood is to make sure they are well fed and feeling mellow before you pop the question. Ideally, cooking the meal yourself is more poignant but nerves can make you bungle this move. If this is the case, or if you’re not confident in the kitchen at all, consider reserving a table at the best Croydon restaurant. Or choose your partner’s favorite one for this purpose.

6. The Right Words

words have magic. They hold power and create emotions; so choose your words right when proposing to the person you want to live your whole life with. Highlight why they are special to you, and all that you’ve been through as a couple. Let them know why you want to get married; why you want them to say yes to you.

7. The Photographer Ready To Take Capture The Moment

And last, make sure there is a photographer present to capture the moment. It could be a professional photographer, a friend, or even a tripod to hold up your phone or camera. If you opt for the last, make sure you have a remote for it, secretly capturing moments before the proposal and after…

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