5 Event Entertainment Ideas to Wow Your Guests

A party is never complete without having some entertainment to keep your guests engaged. There are plenty of ways to entertain your guests depending on the kind of event you have. For event planners looking for great ways to liven up an event, here are 5 fun entertainment ideas that would definitely catch the attention of your guests.

Put On Some Music

Depending on your event, you can either hire a live band or get a DJ to add some music to your party. Live bands can bring life to any party, especially if they accept song requests from the audience. If you want your guests to get grooving and moving, hire a DJ to set the mood of your event. Play the type of music your guests will prefer to catch their interest. Check out Melbourne’s best digital audio mixing studio for the finest music and remixes for your party.

Add a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a hit on almost all ages. They are fit on almost any type of event such as birthdays and weddings. You can either rent a photo booth or simply create a new one to save on expenses. To make it more fun, don’t forget to add some props that your guests can use while taking pictures. Photo booths are affordable and effective way of entertaining guests no matter what event you are having.

Look for a Portrait Artist

Having a portrait artist in your event is a unique way of entertaining guests. Who wouldn’t want their face to be sketched and turned into a lovely artwork? Hiring a portrait artist is a great way to keep everyone entertained – from birthday parties, backyard barbeque, and a lot more. After the event, your guests can their own portrait home as a souvenir from the event.


Singing in the karaoke is one of the classic entertainments for guests no matter what type of event it is. Your guests will surely have fun singing to the latest tunes no matter how they sound like. If you’re only having events for a few times, simply renting a karaoke will do. However, if you’re fond of holding events, you could save a lot if you just buy your own karaoke unit.


If you want an easier approach in adding life to your party, incorporate games into the regular flow of events. Choose games depending on your guests. For example, putting out an inflatable play zone is perfect for kids’ parties while a giant Jenga game appeals more to adults. Be sure to keep in mind the safety of your guests when choosing a game for your event. Be creative in choosing or making up a new game to liven up the party.

Keeping your guests entertained is a crucial part of an event. Make sure to get the right entertainment that suits your guests’ preference and is within your budget range to bring life and fun to your event. Check out these 5 techniques and see which one works best for your event.

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